Custom PCs

We specialize in custom configured computers. Tell us what your needs are, and we'll match you with the components to get the job done.

Intertech O.A. Distributions is going mobile Starting March 1st 2015.
We will continue to service our original clients the same way. Please call 604-872-7337 for appointment email: Thanks

System Upgrades

Today's software is more demanding then ever, requiring more RAM memory and larger hard drives. You may be able to save money by upgrading your current system rather then buying new. Prices on upgrades are very reasonable and you can avoid trying to transfer all of your files to a new computer. Our technicians work on all makes and models.


Our technicians are trained and experienced with many types of repairs. We work on PCs and Macs, desktops and laptops, and even monitors. Having problems with your computer? Bring it in and we'll diagnose the problem, and then explain what solutions are available.


Data backup should be done routinely to save you from losing important information. For most people, the data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it. Taking steps to protect this data is a necessary step that cannot be ignored.

Data recovery is designed to recover files that are accidentally deleted, corrupted, or lost, also for hard drives or other media with minor mechanical or circuit board malfunctions.

Virus Removal

Computer viruses and spyware are becoming more prevalent. If your computer is not performing the way it used to, or you've noticed unusual behaviors, it's possble that you have a virus or spyware installed on your computer. We'll examine your system, erradicate any unwanted sofrware, and bring it back to its original horsepower level.

Preventative Maintenance

Slow computer? We can provide a complete tune-up for your computer. We'll boost performance, remove unnecessary processes and install the most recent security updates. We'll keep you running at top speed!